Friday, November 30, 2012

Michelle Huber Photography, Twin Cities Wedding Photographer, What to wear for your engagagement session or family session

What to wear. These tips work great for engagement sessions or family photos. The most stressful part of a photo session can be figuring out what to wear. You want to look good and timeless, but it can feel so a stressful and overwhelming! Here are the tips I share with my clients to help make their shopping decisions a little easier:

1.)Color is good. Patterns can be great, but try to stay away from thin stripes, and if you want to be really safe, especially with a group-stick to simple solids. It’s okay to mix and match a bit. You can mix fat stripes, plaids and even polka dots, but stick to the same color scheme.

2.) Start with one person then move to the next, rather than trying to come up with something for everyone at once and feeling overwhelmed. For some families, this would be the little girl. There are so many cute outfits for little girls, you could pull a color from one outfit and use that in another. For the engagement session, pick an outfit that you really love, then find something for your fiancé to match.

3) Take Comfort Into Consideration – I tell my clients they should be able to sit, stand, lay down, jump, do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around in whatever they are wearing. If they are not comfortable in their outfits it will show in their pictures, especially with kids. Although their outfit may be picture-perfect, if their shoes are uncomfortable or their shirt is itchy your child will not be happy and it will show in the pictures.
4) Let Your Personality Shine – Unless you are doing some highly-stylized shoot with a specific look, I like for my clients to really show their personalities with their clothes. I tell them to look like a better version of their everyday selves. If you don’t normally wear dresses and high heels, don’t wear dresses and high heels. If your two year old loves twirling in a dress, dress her in a dress. If your five year old is obsessed with super heroes, let him wear his super hero cape. You know you will treasure those images more in 10 or 20 years because that is real, everyday life. When our son Eric was about 3, he went through a phase that he had to wear his “tail” everywhere, even when we went out of the house. His “tail” was a belt that he looped into the back belt loop of his pants and it hung behind him like a monkey tail. It was adorable!
5) Accessories Are Key – Accessories make the outfit. When picking out shoes look for a fun color. Add headbands, scarves or cool socks. Choose a funky belt. Wear a necklace that complements your outfit. Don’t forget the little details!

6) Photograph It – Be sure to take a picture of all of your outfits together before your big photo shoot. There’s no need to get your whole family all dressed up twice. Just lay it all out on the bed and take a picture in natural light. Make sure the colors look well together. If you are questioning any of the pieces feel free to send it to me for advice. I love when clients send me their outfits beforehand!

7) Shop early to avoid the stress of doing everything last minute. Have a change of clothes or more for other options if you want. It can also come in handy to have an extra shirt if your baby is in the drooling / spitting up phase. And have fun with it! These are your photos. The more confident you are in your outfit choices the more it will show in your pictures!

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