Sunday, June 10, 2012


For months I have had enlargements and frames stacked around my office just waiting to be hung on the walls. I finally had a little time (and really just wanted to finally get them off of the floor!)and got some of them up. It was such an ordeal for me to choose which images to have enlarged. So I can totally relate to me clients when they are trying to decide for themselves and tell me how they are overwhelmed. One of the websites I went to for inspiration was The Organic Bloom I have several of these beautiful frames up in my home and office & always get compliments. So here is a photo of my foyer with my Bloomies on the wall:

And here is one section of wall in my office that I FINALLY decorated with some frames:
When I am working with my clients I often ask them to think about what they will do with the photos, so we can plan a beautiful wall display. It’s always nice to have a great series of photos that have a storytelling theme, so the images complement one another. Visualizing the final product can be tough, so sometimes I sketch things out on the computer, to help figure out what size and color will look nice.

This is my computer visual for the project above for my office:
I changed the layout and images several times before I came up with my final decision. I like being helpful & would be happy to help anyone create a beautiful wall display for their home!

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