Saturday, July 30, 2011

Michelle Huber Photography-Megan & Tony's St. Paul wedding

Megan and Tony had a beautiful wedding, and really amazing luck with the weather. In between rain storms, we were able to get some fun photos outside. They had some surprise guests at their wedding-There was an awards gala going on right next door, that co-mingled in the foyer of both events. Some of the celebrities in town were Bill Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Garth Brooks, Meat Loaf, Kevin Costner, Whoopi Goldberg, and Gary Busey. Probably one of the things Tony will remember forever is being given marriage advice in the elevator by Gary Busey. No celebrities were harmed (or photographed) in the making of this slideshow! (Sorry to disappoint, but I was asked not to, and I am not TMZ, I respect people's wishes and privacy) One of my favorite moments in the slideshow is when Megan's grandmother sees Megan wearing her old mantilla that she wore when she got married. She didn't know if Megan was going to be able to salvage it because it had become so discolored. Megan was able to have it cleaned so it looked like new. Such a beautiful moment to see-
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These little signs matched my website-funny.

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