Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aron & Elyse

Life is something to be celebrated...I feel very fortunate. I am always aware of things around the point that while I am having a conversation with someone, I will notice an interaction between two other people from across the room. When I was younger, I used to think this was an annoying trait for me to have (because people told me so). People would tell me "You really need to keep your eyes to yourself, it's none of your business". I couldn't help it, I saw (and still do see)so much beauty in things like that-simple things like a an apology followed by a heartfelt hug, or a passionate kiss. Needless to say, now I know that what I have is a gift...and...people tell me so. When I put together slideshows for my clients, I feel overwhelmed by emotion, I even cry happy tears remembering the moments that I captured on camera. I know the story behind the images, you the viewer, may not know the story behind each image, but hopefully you are able to recognize some of the emotion. A photograph is a moment in time captured. CLICK HERE TO SEE ARON & ELYSE'S SLIDESHOW

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