Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Inspiration...

Sometimes my inspiration comes from a song I hear, a toast at a wedding, a homily at church, or even another photographer. I recently came across a website blog post for an organization called "Faith based business Alliance". When I read this blog posts, I felt inspired. I could relate. I hope you will too:

by Linda Robinson on January 1, 2010
Weary not thyself to become rich – Proverbs 23:4a. Thank you Linda Robinson of Faith Based Business Alliance for that verse. We must not exhaust our intangibles for tangibles. Never must we become the fake we hope to one day make. We do not fake it until we make it. We learn, earn and we keep. Our world is symbolic of us. We are not symbolic of our world. So today, let us reflect and resolve that we are indeed wealthy. We are wealthy beyond measures and means. We are wealthy in our mind, body & spirit. Our destiny is controlled by what’s in us, for us and by us. We please God, we serve others. We see more clearly the choices before us and we claim our power to choose what is best. We do life, life no longer does us.
Our success is in serving others. Many sacrifices are made during the process but the reward and true value in serving is beyond measure. When you do good for others, you are doing good for yourself. The topic “reflect and resolve” is not self centered but a collective one. True greatness and growth never occur in isolation. As the songwriter sings “as I look back over my life and think things over, I can truly say that I been blessed, I got a testimony”.
John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Don’t be afraid to speak the word.
Every person who has ever become wealthy and successful has become so as a result of holding the ideal of wealth and success in their mind long and hard enough until they draw into their lives the resources they needed to accomplish it. Your outer world reflects what is going on in your inner world. Your outer world is like a television of what is going on. It “tells a vision”. It is what’s going on in your inner world. You will always see your attitude reflected back to you in the faces and behaviors of the people around you. If you have a positive, optimistic up beat attitude, people will respond to you immediately even before you open your mouth in a positive and cheerful way. It is a reflection of you.
In closing, let us reflect, resolve, learn, earn and keep. We are destined to win in all aspects of life because of the choices we make.

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