Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sarah & Joe's Wedding in Woodbury, MN

Last night I called Trent to let him know that I was on my way home from the wedding, and to tell him how EXTREMELY stoked I was. There were so many things I wanted to share with him. First of all, Sarah is the nicest, sweetest young woman I think I have ever met, and Joe is equally sweet-it's so amazing that they found each other. They actually met in high school, and dated for 7 years. The pastor talked about how sweet Sarah is, always has been, and how thrilled he was to officiate their wedding, he described them as the nicest, sweetest couple-see-it's not just me! He also said that he knew that they would have a strong marriage, because of their faith. He said that he knows from experience, his own, and from witnessing others, that with God in your life, you can accomplish anything. He also told a story about a couple that was having a rough make a long story short-the wife started packing her bags to leave the husband, the husband started packing his bags too. The wife asked "What are you doing?" The husband said "If you're leaving, I am coming with you". That is the kind of commitment that makes for a successful marriage. I can never tell a story as well as the original, so I hope it makes sense.

Before I left for the evening, I asked Sarah if there was anything else she would like me to stay for to cover, she said "Oh my gosh Michelle! You are so kind, you have already far exceeded our expectations!" She said that she heard so many positive comments about me throughout the day and that she was so excited to see the pictures.

That was the perfect ending of a perfect evening for me.

Anyway, these two were such a joy to work with, I could babble on and on, but I am sure you really want to see some pictures. For now, I am only posting one. It is one of the first images that I took of Sarah...she is so beautiful-on the inside and on the outside. I will post more as I finish editing them all.

Congratulations again Sarah & Joe!


Anonymous said...

You are so amazing! I know I keep saying that but we are so blessed that we found you for our photographer.
The pictures and the slide-show are so amazing.
Thank you for saying so many kind words about us.
Sarah Miner

Michelle said...

Thank you Sarah! I meant every word, you & your families were so wonderful-I really enjoyed being able to photograph your wedding day! The kids were so much fun, I just love the sequence of images when they didn't want to go down the darn cute! Oh, and them dancing too!