Sunday, September 07, 2008

Allison & Austin at Falconer Vineyard

I don't know how I was so lucky to have been chosen to photograph Allison Falconer's wedding, but thank you God! What an amazing, wonderful family, and what an incredibly beautiful wedding! It was difficult to decide which few images to post...there were so many wonderful moments captured! So, I have posted the image that I just lost it & cried...the moment in which Allison first appeared with her dad. It's a good thing my camera hides my face, because tears were rolling! I also posted a few nice detail shots. I will post more as I complete all of my enhancements and edits on the images. My assistant Tom took the top image-what an awesome shot-thank you Tom! Congratulations Allison & Austin! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW I thought I should also post the link to the Falconer Vineyard website as well-click here for more information on their award winning selection of delicious wines.


Thomas Ward said...

The shot at the top turned out really neat!

Michelle Huber said...

Yes it did! Thank you so much for helping me-I love that shot too!

Ann L said...

Michelle and Tom - we couldn't be happier than we are with what we're seeing on your web site and on Alli's video. You were fabulous to work with. Any time you need a recommendation, count us in!! Ann (Alli's mom)