Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Elizabeth & Jesse

Elizabeth & Jesse were married on Saturday at the Chalet in Maple Grove. I should also let you know that Jesse & Elizabeth requested a slightly more "edgy" or "modern" look to thier photographs (which I love!) I started out bright and early in the morning at Elizabeth's mom's house, where Elizabeth was getting ready. Lucky for her, her best friend is a hair stylist and agreed to come to her :) In the meantime, one of my assistants; Tom, photographed Jesse getting ready. Outdoor weddings are beautiful. It was a very windy day, which made for some interesting outdoor photography. It added an interesting energy to some of the images that I ended up really loving, in fact, some of the images that the wind was really blowing hard, ended up being some of my favorites! Thank you Elizabeth & Jesse for choosing to brave the (at times) sand blasting wind! You guys rock! CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR AWESOME SLIDESHOW

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